Expert on cyber bullying talks with local grade school students

December 14, 2015 | Author: Mike Dreiblatt | Views: 2240 | Comments: 0

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Bullying has been going on since the beginning of time, but the way people are bullied has changed with technology.

Because of that, the counselor for three Catholic grade schools in South Bend decided to be pro-active by bringing in an expert to talk with kids.

Mike Dreiblatt, the author of How to Stop Bullying, Cyber Bullying and Social Aggression, visited Corpus Christi, Saint Anthony's, and Saint Matthew's on Monday.

The workshop was meant to help students and parents learn strategies to deal with bullying. David Burke is a counselor for all three schools, and he says this kind of program is much-needed.

"The scariest thing today is cyber bullying, the stuff that's going on Instagram, the stuff that's going on Snapchat. This type of bullying is really almost out of control, and that's scary too. We want to at least make the students aware of the dangers of that," Burke explains. "To give the kids an awareness of how to stop it and maybe try and control it, that's the best thing we are looking for today."

Burke says cyber bullying can escalate with the coming holidays when kids are not in school.

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