Ignoring the Bully

August 21, 2018 | Author: Mike Dreiblatt | Views: 678 | Comments: 0

Ignoring the Bully
“If someone begins to say mean things to you, continue to do whatever it was that you were doing before the bullying began.”  "If you are reading, keep reading; if you are eating, keep eating; and if you are walking, just keep walking.”
Ignoring bullying behavior means not showing strong emotion, not responding with mean comments or throwing the first punch.  The bully wants you to take those actions; so don’t!”   “Self-defense is acceptable, but throwing the first punch is not!”
“Ignoring takes a lot of self-control.  It is not wimping out.  The bully is setting a trap.  By ignoring the bully, you choose not to fall for the trap.” 
Do Not Do These Things:
Do not make faces.
Do not begin to cry. 
Do not stick out your hand (as in, “talk to the hand”). 
Do not make a heavy sigh sound. 
Do not do anything that signals to the bully that you are getting upset.  
“Be Prepared.”  “The bullying and hurtful words may get worse before it gets better.  The bully may try to outlast the ignoring and try even harder to be mean.  When bullies become tired or bored, they often stop…but not always.  So be prepared to continue to hear hurtful words for a while AND also be prepared with another strategy.”

Excerpt from: The Wallop Story


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