This Video Of Students Bullying A Chicago School Teacher Is Hard To Watch

November 6, 2015 | Author: Mike Dreiblatt | Views: 3808 | Comments: 1

This Video Of Students Bullying A Chicago School Teacher Is Hard To Watch

In the wake of a number of videos showing just how dangerous school policing can become, another video that threatens to derail the argument to end the over-policing of schools has surfaced — though we hope this disturbing footage and the school-to-prison pipeline won’t be irresponsibly compounded.

With that said, the above video — which shows students bullying and threatening a teacher — is too disturbing to ignore.

The students, filmed in 2011 at Chicago Vocational Career Academy, according to the Daily Mail, are seen on video throwing things at the teacher and telling her “to sit your a** down.” A male student in a red shirt can be seen lurching towards the teacher as if he is going to hit her. Other students try to hold him back. At one point, he picks up a desk and holds it above his head as if he’s going to throw it. At another point, he threatens to smack the teacher in the face with a “whole bag of M&M’s.”

The teacher remains calm, asking the students to sit. She asks the student in the red shirt to throw away whatever he’s throwing at her, but he continues his antics. Later, she asks another student to calmly have a seat. She even calls for security, but the students continue to laugh and encourage the unidentified student in the red shirt.

The students’ identities are unclear, as is whether their behavior was addressed by the school. But what this video does show is that teachers do, indeed, get bullied. And while we don’t know the solution to student-teacher communication, it’s clear that something needs to be done in our schools to protect both the students and the teachers to create a viable and effective learning environment.

And despite what many believe, the over-policing of our schools is probably not the answer.

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  • carol sanderson November 6, 2015

    first of all, was this the regular teacher or a substitute? if this is the regular teacher, where are the standards for behavior? why did the teacher not get on the telephone a attempt to contact security? these students are clearly feeding off of each other. has this behavior happened in the past? this is disturbing on so many levels. the most disrespectful and meanspirited students i have every observed.

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