Working With the School If Your Child is Bullied

August 14, 2018 | Author: Mike Dreiblatt | Views: 602 | Comments: 0

Steve Breakstone & Mike Dreiblatt

If your child is continually bullied, work with the school to make sure your child is safe.  Here are some suggestions: 

Follow the chain of command: 
Contact the teacher responsible where your child is having problems or your child's classroom teacher or advisor. Let them know what is going on with your child. Only go up the chain of command if you feel that these staff members are not effectively addressing your child's physical and emotional safety.   
If there is a meeting:
Present to the teacher relevant information about the bullying incidents and anti-bullying strategies already attempted. Be prepared with realistic strategies that can reasonably be implemented. Inform the school ahead of time if you would like certain staff members to attend the meeting. 

If the bullying doesn't stop, work with school to develop a safety plan: 
A good safety plan addresses which staff members are responsible for supervising your child and how they should react if your child is bullied. The plan should state how your child is expected to react if confronted by a bully. Practice assertiveness skills with your child to effectively respond to bullying.
Make sure your child is involved with the plan: 
For the plan to work, your child must have 'buy-in.' Make sure your child feels good about the plan and believes the plan has a realistic chance of working. Give your child a day or two to consider the pros and cons and to become comfortable with the plan. 
Evaluate the plan: 
To meet, develop and implement a safety plan may take 5-10 school days. Remember to evaluate the plan's effectiveness in about 3-4 weeks. You know if the plan is working by answering the question, "Is my child safe?"

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