Situational Analysis - Workplace Bullying and Harassment

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Situational Analysis - Workplace Bullying and Harassment

 Bullying and harassment at the workplace can have serious negative effects on the target’s mental, emotional, and even physical health. It can lead to feelings of low self-worth, depression, anxiety, increased sick days in the person being bullied. For you as an employer, the cost of bullying can come in the form of lawsuits if the behavior goes ignored.

Workplace bullying is legal in every U.S. state unless it crosses into harassment.  Workplace harassment refers to sexual misconduct or a hostile work environment.  State and federal civil rights laws are designed to protect workers from discriminatory actions. If you are a member of a protected status group -- there are 7 in the U.S. (e.g., gender, race, religion, ethnicity, etc.), and you have been mistreated, you might be able to claim that you were harassed. Illegal discriminatory harassment occurs in only 20% of bullying cases. Some organizations have protections against workplace bullying written into their contracts or employee manuals, most do not. Unions have a mixed record of dealing with bullying as they have a responsibility to represent both parties. Nearly 30 states and 2 territories have introduced some version of anti-workplace bullying legislation.  These initiatives have started to gain more traction considering the #MeToo movement.

The recent #MeToo movement has left many business owners and HR departments wondering what they can do to improve workplace bullying and harassment training in their companies. If your organization has been requiring workplace bullying or harassment training to simply fulfill a legal obligation, it’s likely that your employees are seeing through it.

It’s important for every company to have effective workplace bullying and harassment training and subsequent guidelines for how to handle accusations, as not doing so can leave your organization open to lawsuits. But not having proper training and procedures can also create a breeding ground for workplace bullying and harassment, giving rise to employees feeling unsafe at work, which doesn’t create the type of environment people enjoy working in and it’s not the kind of place that recruits and retains the best talent.

Founded in 2001, we have successfully trained over 500,000 students, parents, faculty and staff to stop bullying and improve school and business climate. We continuously improve content and delivery methods using research based best practices and techniques, providing  businesses with the most effective bullying prevention programs available today.  

People learn best when they are having fun. Whether online or in person, Mike Dreiblatt and the team at Stand Up to Bully present the most engaging workshops you have ever seen. This is not a one-size-fits-all approach exists to bullying prevention. We analyze existing supports and addressing challenges with up-to-date strategies utilizing research-based models the reshape the business or school climate to focus on a shared mission and shared responsibility. We offer strategies, tools, and ongoing coaching to ensure that learning is engaging for everyone and all participants are fully empowered.

Our online and onsite workshops address this difficult topic, in a format that has proven to be engaging, and designed for long-term, meaningful learning. 

Based in research and backed by evidence, participants will appreciate the role-plays, as they use fun and realistic situations, which teach effective intervention strategies to stop all types of bullying. It is critical that you deliver a high-quality and meaningful learning experience, and that is what our Bullying Prevention workshops deliver.

Stand Up to Bullying’s is known for kind, caring and compassionate services to improve school climate, decreasing bullying and stopping workplace bullying and harassment. We are famous for our customer service and attention to detail. Our confidential services emphasize choice, scaffolded learning and positive motivation to create real social-emotional change. 

 Stand Up to Bullying’s workplace bullying and harassment webinars and workshops gets it right the first time.  Our webinars and onsite workshops are not canned but customized to the needs of your organization. This isn’t about just checking the boxing order to get it off the list. We approach our webinars and onsite workshops from a place of wanting to make sure everyone at work feels safe. Stand up to Bullying approaches our webinars and onsite workshops from the mindset that together we are going to figure out how to create a thriving workplace community. 

Stand Up to Bullying’s webinars and workshops will make a noticeable difference in your workplace, both by cutting down on bullying and harassment and changing your company culture to make sure it doesn’t happen in the future. You may find you’re able to retain a more diverse workforce and even attract better talent.
Stand Up to Bullying’s webinars and onsite workshops are about creating an environment where everyone feels safe and able to thrive professionally. We will not only define bullying and harassment, but will demonstrate what constitutes bullying or harassment, as opposed to acceptable joking or normal coworker banter. Stand Up to Bullying’s webinars and workshops are a time for everyone to learn. Our knowledge and experience combine to make a transformative culture for your organization.. 

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