How to Prevent Campus Bullying, Cyber Bullying and Social Aggression

October 30, 2018 | Author: Mike Dreiblatt | Views: 332 | Comments: 0

Learn how to spot bullying and prevent it from happening


Did you know that about 100,000 students drop out of college each year due to bullying, and that cyberbullying is increasing at the college level? Research indicates that first and second year college students are especially vulnerable, and can feel even more alone and isolated. If your college or university struggles to create a learning environment where individuality and diversity are truly respected and valued, you’re not alone. But you must know how to address incidents of cruelty, bias, bullying, cyberbullying, esterizing, and isolation. Because under Title IX, your responsibility is clear: educators must provide a safe and harassment-free environment that allows students to participate and benefit from their programs.

Learn how to spot bullying and prevent it from happening in your campus in this webinar by bullying prevention expert Michael Dreiblatt. Dreiblatt will bring you up to speed with your responsibilities under Title IX, anti-bullying laws, and the First Amendment. He will walk you through the laws regarding cyber bullying in colleges and universities, as well as First Amendment considerations.

Make no mistake: All students, regardless of race, weight, gender, ethnicity, etc., can be targeted as victims of bullying – and the consequences are painfully high for anyone who is affected. You will learn what your school can, should, or must do when allegations of bullying or harassment are raised. Much of the cyberbullying that college students experience revolves around relationship issues (through gossip, rumors, slut shaming and sexualized bullying). Dreiblatt will reveal new techniques and strategies to prevent and respond to bullying, cyber bullying, and social aggression in your college or university. He will also share tips and practical guidance on how to handle investigations, and show you how you can be held liable for failing to act properly.

After attending this webinar, you will clearly understand what parameters the law creates for colleges and universities in the area of anti-bullying laws, Title IX, and the First Amendment. You’ll be armed with valuable insights and strategies to prevent and respond to instances of bullying, cyber bullying, and social aggression in your campus. Plus, you’ll be confident in your ability to avoid potential liability from suits (from the bully, the victim or both).

Session Highlights

This webinar will bring you up to speed with:

  • Title IX requirement of colleges and universities
  • Limits of First Amendment speech
  • The line between First Amendment speech and not protected harassment
  • How to address both the alleged targets and alleged aggressors
  • What to do if you are being bullied
  • What If someone you know is being bullied
  • How to report cyber bullying

Session Objectives

After attending this session, you will know how to:

  • Define bullying and describe actions that constitute bullying
  • Identify the signs and symptoms of a bullying situation
  • Provide appropriate responses and resources for dealing with bullying
  • Emphasize proactive measures to prevent bullying before it occurs
  • Explain when bullying behaviors become unlawful
  • Reinforce understanding of the legally protected categories

Who Should Attend

  • Student services/affairs/support staff
  • Campus safety personnel
  • Residence life personnel
  • Retention specialists
  • Emergency/crisis coordinators
  • HR professionals
  • Directors of special education
  • Directors of student services
  • College psychologists
  • Teachers
  • Building administrators
  • Deans of students and faculty
  • College guidance staff

At the Q&A session following the live event, ask a question and get a direct response from our expert speaker.

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