Coaching Questions

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Supporters of using a coaching model claim it provides a consistent framework for the flow of the coaching session. They say using a coaching model gives structure to the conversation and guides the process to help ensure better outcomes. What is your view?

Coaching Questions

Strengthening the Coaching Relationship
- Can you tell me a little bit more about yourself?  
- What are some things you like to work on together? 
- How can you tell that you have done a job well? 
- What are some things you enjoy about your work? 
- What are some challenging aspects to your work that you're facing now? 
- What are things that you like to do for hobbies? 
- What are your long term and short term career goals? 
- What are some things that you doing to move you along in achieving those goals?
- What do you see as your areas of strength? Areas of weakness? 

Exploring a Problem or Situation
- How is the situation going?
- Have you seen any changes, positive or negative, regarding the situation?
- Have you noticed any patterns regarding the situation?
- What is some techniques you're using that you think have had a positive affect on the situation?
- What is some techniques you're using that you think have had a negative affect on the situation? 
- Are you seeking feedback from others? Who?
- Is your work creating the impact you were hoping for? 

Growth Mindset and the Power to Change
- Are there other ways to look at this situation?
- How might others view the situation?
- When you have dealt with situations like this in the past? What techniques were effectictive?
- What techniques do you think you're going to leave behind because they are no longer effective in improvingthe situation?
- At this point, what is a realistic way to improve the situation?

Offering Support
- What can I offer?
- What would you like from me?
- How can I support you?
- Who else do we need to get involved to help improve this situation?
- What else might you try?

Making the Change
- What will you do differently?
- How will you get from Point A to Point B?
- What resoources do you need to make that happen?
- Are there people who can help make your idea happen?
- How are you going to build consesus around your idea?
- What is your timeline?
- How will you measure success?
- What would you need to do to make your idea a reality?
- What are some of the unintended consequences of this idea?

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