'I was the mean girl': Tina Fey, 45, admits she used to be cruel because she felt like 'less'

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'I was the mean girl': Tina Fey, 45, admits she used to be cruel because she felt like 'less' in high school 


Famous for her longtime friendship to fellow star Amy Poehler, Tina Fey may be one of America's favorite gal pals.

However, speaking with The Edit for Net-A-Porter, the 45-year-old admitted that she used to be a mean girl.

'I was the mean girl. I admit it openly,' she said, adding: 'That was a disease that had to be conquered.'

She continued: 'It's another coping mechanism - it's a bad coping mechanism - but when you feel less than (in high school everyone feels less than everyone else for different reasons), in your mind it's a way of leveling the playing field.'

Calling to mind Cady's (Lindsay Lohan) speech from Mean Girls, Tina added: 'Though of course it's not. Saying something terrible about someone else does not actually level the playing field.

'If I meet a girl of 14 or 15 today who is that kind of girl, I am secretly, in my body, afraid. Even though I'm 45,' Tina admitted.

Speaking of another coping mechanism, Tina shared: 'For me it was about hitting age 13 and realizing, "OK, I’m not going to glide by on looks. I’m a normal-looking person, but that’s not going to be where my bread is buttered."

'The desire to be funny – because you are never actually quite sure if you really are funny – is a coping mechanism, another way of ingratiating yourself.'

Though the 30 Rock co-creator noted: 'But when you’re 13 and trying to be funny around boys, you end up mocking them and it backfires. You terrify them.'
Of course, that wasn't something longtime pal Amy ever had to worry about, it seems, as Tina has dubbed her the 'cool girl.'

Tina met Amy in Chicago in 1993 when the two were studying improvisation, and she said she remembered 'counseling so many guys who were just immediately in love with her.'

She continued, of the Parks And Recreation alum: 'Amy is very warm, a great person to have on your team in any capacity.'

'We work together best – on [their new movie] Sisters, or presenting the Golden Globes – by doing our own thing next to each other. I do wonder, if we tried to do five years on a series together, if it would be like, "Wait a minute, which one of us is the boss?" Because, truthfully, I think we are two Alphas.'

However, while Tina feels like an Alpha, she also shared that her daughters - 10-year-old Alice and four-year-old Penelope - may disagree.

'My daughters will tell you that I’m exceedingly dull – the fourth funniest person in the family. My four-year-old is rivaling my husband [composer and producer Jeff Richmond] for first place at this point,' she said.

'The ability to be very cutting that I have – to size someone up and think, "This would hurt you, if I said this" – she has it already at four.'

Tina continued, of her daughter who she had previously joked with Ellen DeGeneres may end up getting coal for Christmas: 'And it’s shocking to me. I secretly regard it as a sign of great intelligence, but it’s something that must be managed.'

And the actress shared a bit of advice for fans, noting: 'Steer clear of the internet and you’ll live forever.'

She added: 'We did an Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt episode and the internet was in a whirlwind, calling it racist, but my new goal is not to explain jokes.'

Tina explained: 'I feel like we put so much effort into writing and crafting everything, they need to speak for themselves. There’s a real culture of demanding apologies, and I’m opting out of that.'


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