Things You Can Do to Prevent Bullying Right Now

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Things You Can Do to Prevent Bullying Right Now

1. Set Clear Rules - Start your bully prevention program by setting clear rules together as a group. Everyone—staff, students, parents, community—must be clear of expectations, know how to recognize bullying, understand the consequences of bullying, and know that bullying matters. Sit down together and figure out what your school stands for and show that character matters in your school.

2. Teach How to Recognize Bullying - Everybody in your school must be able to recognize bullying. “Bullying is a pattern of repeated aggressive behavior, with negative intent, directed from one child to another where there is a power imbalance.” – Dan Olweus, Norway

3. Teach How to Report Bullying - Students must be able to safely report incidents of bullying, knowing when to report, how to report, and where to report. Students must know that they are heard and that you will back them up. Anonymous options must be provided.

4. Teach How to Respond to Bullying - Everybody—both students and staff—must know how to respond when they see bullying.

5. Teach How to Refuse Bullying - Help victims of bullying learn how to refuse; otherwise victimization continues. Do this by teaching specific assertive skills.

6. Replace Current Beliefs or Behavior - Teach bullies how to act differently—how to be kind. Develop empathy, conscience, and self-control (anger management) in bullies.

Why Should You Hire Me?

1. Because of the powerful testimonials from some of the top educators in the United States.

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3. Because my materials, advice, articles, and presentations are splattered all over the web! You have already heard of me, so I must be doing something right.

4. Because I am the author of the books How to Stop Bullying and Social Aggression and The Wallop Story where you get dozens of my most powerful bullying prevention ideas. By the time you have finished reading my books and applying them to your school, you will know I am the real deal.

5. Because over the last 17 years I have successfully trained over 500,000 students, faculty, staff, and parents how to stop bullying and improve school climate.

6. Because I have been as been a guest speaker in 43 states, authored two books and helped hundreds of schools and districts across America to stop the bullying.

7. Because my programs are consistently among the highest rate at conferences nationwide.

Why Should You Pay My Price?

1. Because I am better than anyone who is cheaper and cheaper than anyone who is better.

2. Because bullying prevention is too expensive until you or your school get sued.

3. Because 90 percent of the schools will tell you that working with me was some of the smartest money they ever spent. The other 10 percent did not do the work.

4. Because you could spend less, and you will get less, and you could spend more, and you will still get less. 

Why should you act NOW?

1. Because it is rare that I have openings in my client roster. You can get in now or typically wait three to six months.

2. Because the longer you delay getting you bullying prevention house in order, the longer you will stay in a state of confusion, inaction, and being overwhelmed.

3. Because what would it be like if your next year's bullying numbers were much like this year's? If you are OK with that, there is probably no reason for us to work together.

4. Because someone you know, and respect recommended we talk.

5. Because you care about your students and you want to keep them safe.

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