Teaching Respect, Empathy and Friendship

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How to Stop Bullying & Social Aggression
Teaching Respect, Empathy and Friendship
May 2007
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What should a child do when a bully picks on a classmate?  How are bystandersexpected to respond if they witness bullying? Is it really bullying if there is no physical contact? 
Balance Educational Sevices teaches students the skills needed to stop bullying now!
Don't Bully the Bully!
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Bullying can garner a strong emotional response by all the people involved, including staff members who need to address the bully or bullies.  It is very important to be respectful and professional at all times, role-modeling the behavior you expect from all your students.

True or False Checklist
check markBullying is just teasing.
False. While many bullies tease, others use violence, intimidation, and other hostile tactics. Sometimes teasing can be fun; bullying always hurts.

Some people deserve to be bullied.
False. No one ever deserves to be bullied. No one "asks for it." Most bullies taunt people who are "different" in some way. Being different is not a reason to be bullied.

Only boys are physical bullies.
 Many physical bullies are boys, but girls can be physical bullies too.
Normal Conflict or Bullying?

Normal Conflict


Equal power or friends

Imbalance of power; not friends

Happens occasionally

Repeated negative actions



Generally not serious

Serious with threat of physical or emotional harm

Not seeking power or attention

Seeking power, control, or material things

Generally not trying to get something

May attempt to gain material things or power

Remorse - will take responsibility

No remorse - may blame victim

(Source: Bully Proofing Your School: A Comprehensive Approach for Elementary Schools, Carla Garrity, et al, June 2000)

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