Talking to a Trusted Adult

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Talking to a Trusted Adult  
At first, I was afraid that if I told an adult, I would be a tattle-tale.  But my friends made perfect sense when they said, “That’s not tattling. That’s telling! The bullies may call you a tattler, or a snitch or something just to stop you from getting help so they can keep bullying you.  That’s a trick of theirs.”  And it’s a good trick, I thought.  But they weren’t going to trick me!
I was also concerned that the adult I chose to talk to would think I was a loser.  I asked them why they thought Mr. Beck was cool and could be trusted.  Darryl said it was because Mr. Beck made him feel comfortable and didn’t make him feel like a loser or a wimp. 
I also want to tell you what Tasha’s Uncle told her because I think it is really, really important.  He said, “If you ever talk to an adult you trust, and they can’t help you, or the problem isn’t solved, find another adult you think you can trust…like your parents, a favorite teacher, your friend’s mom or a coach.” 
And this is the way you should talk to an adult about a problem:  
remain calm;
explain the situation;
tell the adult what steps you already tried to resolve the problem;
make suggestions on how he or she can help solve the problem;
discuss what to do and where to go to stay safe.
When I practiced talking to a trusted adult with my friends and my parents, this is what I said in a calm way:
“I am trying to stay out of a fight.  Andy has been bothering me.  I’ve tried ignoring, and then I walked away. Andy kept bothering me and didn’t stop even when I told him, “Cut it out!” and walked away again.   Like I said, I am trying to stay out of a fight.  Would you talk to Andy?” 
I also practiced saying this:
“Please don’t tell Andy I told you but he has been making fun of me and trying to start a fight. Can you say that you know he is doing it and he has to stop?”

Excerpt from: The Wallop Story


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