Bullying Prevention Coaching

Online Bullying Prevention Coaching for Children & Parents

Is your child being bullied? Are you looking for online coaching that will teach your child how to safely stand up to bullying? As a parent, are you frustrated because you don’t know how to help your child? 

Online bullying prevention coaching is now available by FaceTime, Skype, phone and more ...

Our new one on one, online consultations help children and parents learn new skills that help to stop the bullying. Whether you child is the bully the bullied or the bystander, Mike Dreiblatt can help.

Mike Dreiblatt is available to work with you and/or family based on the needs of your situation. His bullying prevention coaching and anti-bullying strategies and techniques has help thousands of students of overcome difficult bullying, cyber bullying and social aggression situations. 

We continuously improve content and delivery methods using research based best practices and techniques. Our one-on-one training can help your child learn how to stand up to bullying. Email or call to set up a free consultation at 802-362-5448 or info@standuptobullying.net. We protect your confidentiality.

In addition, we offer crisis management services for administrators, parents, school counselors. These anti-bullying coaching services help manage a bully concern by helping make sure all policies, procedures and protocols are followed. We help you to resolve bullying situations fast and we help to make sure you get it right the first time.