Bullying and Harassment Workshops and Seminars

Bullying and Workplace Hostility Prevention

As an IACET Accredited Provider, standuptobullying.net offers CEUs for its programs that qualify under the ANSI/IACET Standard.  Standuptobullying.net is accredited by the International Association for Continuing Education and Training (IACET) and is accredited to issue the IACET CEU.

1. Bullying Workshops: For Students, Staff, and Parents

In his nationally recognized training, Mike uses humor, role-playing and audience participation to teach educators, students and parents how to identify and stop bullying in their schools and communities.

Choose between a 2-day comprehensive training, or a 1-day introductory session (you can always add the 2nd day later).


In a fast-paced and fun environment students learn about physical, verbal, cyber bullying and social aggression, gender differences in bullying and the critical role of the bystander.

This dynamic and refreshing presentation teaches new high-level techniques that can be used by teachers, administrators or recess monitors right away. Best of all, these techniques can be plugged into to existing programs or used on their own.

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Subject Areas

  • Defining Bullying, Harassment and Social Aggression
  • Playful Teasing vs. Hurtful Taunting
  • Effectively Responding to Bullying and Social Aggression
  • Showing Others Respect, Compassion and Friendship
  • Expectation of the Bystander
  • Practice Role-Plays
  • Group Participation
  • Small Group Projects
  • and more...

2. Workplace Bullying and Harassment Workshops and Webinars

Choose an on-site workshop program or an on-demand webinar. Both will address workplace bullying and harassment in a format that has proven to be engaging, and designed for long-term, meaningful learning.

Webinars are pre-recorded and available for attendees to view at any time, on any device. Attendees will be individually evaluated for comprehension of materials.


Specifically designed for School Staff, this fast-paced workshop is focused on creating real workplace change. School Staff will learn to confidently handle even the most difficult workplace bullying situations. Participants will receive training in identifying, stopping and preventing disruptive behaviors that create hostile work environments.

This fun and fast-paced workshop demonstrates precisely what School Staff and administrators can say and do when workplace bullying occurs to immediately make positive changes while building a stronger sense of community, enhance communication and protect union member rights.

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Subject Areas

  • Defining Workplace Bullying
  • Behavior and Warning Signs
  • Stopping the Behavior: What the Research Says Works
  • Preventing Workplace Bullying
  • Contractual Protections Regarding Workplace Bullying
  • Harassment and civil Rights Law
  • Identifying a Hostile Work Environment
  • Protections from Harassment Under the Law
  • Hostile Work Environment Activity
  • Workplace Fact Sheet Handout
  • and more...

3: Bullying Professional Development Seminars


Bullying often goes undetected in schools. In fact, adults typically identify less than 10 percent of bullying incidents -- partly because bullying tends to occur in unsupervised areas and partly because many adults simply do not understand the dynamics of bullying. Adults throughout the school community -- including administrators, teachers, health personnel, bus drivers, and cafeteria workers -- require training on this important issue if they are to understand, recognize, and know how to deal with bullying.

Get your staff on to the “same page“ concerning bullying prevention and discipline. Our on-site and on-demand workshops for teachers and school staff stops bullying in four easy steps while providing a ‘same page’ response from staff that prevents bullying before it starts. You’ll find easy to use lessons and activities you’ll use every day to teach empathy and respect. Learn how to improve the culture of your school and motivate student bystanders to get involved and stop bullying.

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Subject Areas

  • Defining Bullying, Cyber Bullying, Social Aggression And Other Misconduct
  • Identifying Bullying Before it Starts
  • Types of Bullying, Targets and Bystanders
  • “Same Page” Mentality to Stop Bullying
  • 4-Step Response to Stop Bullying
  • Playful Teasing vs. Hurtful Taunting
  • Consequences to Addresses Bullying
  • Staff Responsibility
  • Tattling vs. Telling
  • State and Local Policies and Regulations Related to Bullying
  • Legal Requirements Concerning Bullying
  • and more...
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