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Conflict Resolution

Conflict has many sources, including miscommunication, disagreements, stress and personality differences. It impacts us individually and often contributes to negative group performance. Many conflicts would not escalate if people used conflict resolution techniques that are easy to learn and utilize. People who master essential conflict resolution skills reduce negative conflict in their lives, leading to healthier, happier relationships and work environments. 

Conflict Definitions: 

• It is a struggle between opposing sides, or 

• Is difference + tension 

Conflict resolution exists on a continuum from constructive to destructive. If handled well, conflict can be constructive; if handled poorly, it can be destructive. Conflict is a natural part of all relationships. It is part of the essence of being human. Reaction to conflict often determines whether the situation will be constructive or destructive. 

This workshop explores three dominant sources of conflict: 

1. Miscommunication involving assumptions and misunderstanding. 

2. Disagreement about how to solve something. 

3. Personal conflict resolution style differences.  

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By seeking help early, you can help to prevent a downward spiral!

Conflict resolution exists on a continuum, from constructive to destructive. If handled well and

early, conflict can be constructive; if handled poorly or left unchecked, it becomes more and

more destructive.

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