Expert Witness

Mr. Dreiblatt provides expert services from case inception through resolution

Mike Dreiblatt is nationally recognized as an expert for his work in bullying, cyberbullying and social aggression prevention as well as stopping workplace bullying and harassment. Since 2001, Mike have successfully trained over 500,000 students, parents, faculty and staff how to stop bullying and improve school climate. Mr. Dreiblatt draw on 32 years of experience as an Educational Consultant, Principal, Dean of Students, Classroom Teacher and Author. In addition, Mike has over 17 years of experience working in the non-profit and corporate sectors to help stop workplace bullying and harassment.

Mr. Dreiblatt provides expert services from case inception through resolution. Determining the merit of a case, conducting file review and analysis, compiling expert reports, and offering testimony at deposition and/or at trial. are but a few of the services we provide.

Expert witness and litigation consulting services include:

  • A review of facts and issues with recommendations for further action on the case. Deposition reviews and evaluation of opposing expert reports.
  • Advice on potential action, pleadings, discovery, public records searches, deposition questioning, and related case work.
  • Testifying School Safety Expert Witness: Preparation of expert reports, deposition testifying, and trial testifying

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