Mediation Services

Mediation Services

Most of the time, conflicts can be resolved at the resolution process level using the skills and strategies that were covered our webinars and workshop. However, there are times when, even with the best intentions, agreement or resolution cannot be reached. In these situations, it is tempting to give up. This is the time when it is important to consider mediation as a possible solution.

The mediation process is a way for people in conflict to explore and resolve issues with the help of an impartial third party. As a trained mediator, Michael Dreiblatt's role is to listen to all sides, facilitate discussion, clarify issues and assist disputing parties in reaching mutually agreeable solutions. A key feature to the mediation process is that as mediator Mike Dreiblatt acts as a neutral facilitator and can focus on the interaction between disputants, facilitating understanding and dialogue without being seen as taking sides.

Mediations can be considered when:

• Problem solving has been attempted by both parties.

• Parties are not talking with each other.

• One or both parties need help in communicating their interests.

• Relationships are important to both parties.

• Neither side wants to litigate (seek legal assistance).

Mediation is more effective when:

• The disputants have a history of cooperation and successful problem solving.

• The disputants do not have a long history of adversarial relations.

• Hostility and anger towards each other is not extremely high.

• The disputants have an ongoing relationship.

• The desire for settlement and conclusion to issues is high.

• The disputants both agree to the help of a third party.

• There is external pressure to resolve the issue (time, pressure from boss, etc.)

• The disputants want to keep their costs lower.

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mediation, dispute resolution process, conflict resolution, mediation services
mediation, dispute resolution process, conflict resolution, mediation services

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