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Who is Mike Dreiblatt?

If you want to find your one stop source for bullying prevention, look no further than Michael Dreiblatt, president of standuptobullying.net. Mike is your expert guides to improving school climate, decreasing bullying and stopping workplace bullying and harassment.

Mike’s keynotes, webinars, and workshops address this difficult topic, in a format that has proven to be engaging, and designed for long-term, meaningful learning. You, your faculty and staff, students and parents will enjoy these fun, fast-paced bullying and harassment prevention keynotes and workshops and come away with strategies they can use right away. Based in research and backed by evidence, participants will appreciate the role-plays, as they use fun and realistic situations, which teach effective intervention strategies to stop all types of bullying. It is critical that you deliver a high-quality and meaningful learning experience, and that is what Mike’s Bullying Prevention keynotes and workshops deliver.

Mike Dreiblatt is known for his kind, caring and compassionate services to improve school climate, decreasing bullying and stopping workplace bullying and harassment. Mike is famous for his customer service and attention to detail. Mike’s confidential services emphasize choice, scaffolded learning and positive motivation to create real social-emotional change.

Michael Dreiblatt has successfully trained over 500,000 students, teachers, faculty, staff and parents to stop bullying and improve school climate. Mike continuously improves content and delivery methods, using research based best practices and techniques, providing schools and businesses with the most effective bullying prevention programs available today. His realistic and upbeat message helps schools and organizations create a positive culture. Mike has been as been a guest speaker in 43 states, authored two books and helped hundreds of schools and districts across America to stop the bullying.

People learn best when they are having fun. Whether online or in person, Mike Dreiblatt presents the most engaging keynotes, webinars, and workshops you have ever seen. Tailored to the needs of your school or organization, this is not a one-size-fits-all approach exists to bullying prevention.

Mike’s master’s is in school leadership with a specialization in curriculum & assessment. He has served as a principal, dean of students, teacher, grant writer and mediator. Michael has been a national speaker since 2001. His first book, How to Stop Bullying and Social Aggression, provides K–8 teachers, school administrators, and counselors with fun, interactive lessons and activities that stop bullying, support students’ safety and well-being, promote healthy social-emotional development, and improve academic achievement. Mike’s second book, The Wallop Story, includes lots of fun role plays and step-by-step help on how to stand up to bullies.

Contact Michael Dreiblatt at 802-362-5448 or mike@standuptobullying.net.  

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