Social Skills Are Not Innate, Learning is Social, Clear Community Norms Build Strong Communities,

Our Belief System

1. Social Skills Are Not Innate Social skills are vital to academic and social success, but social skills requirements vary according to situations. This sometimes makes it difficult for children to meet the community norms or expectations. Students need to learn and practice social skills for a variety of situations to be socially and academically successful.

2. Learning is Social Students retain new social and academic lessons better when there is a positive social competent. Having fun when learning leads to more meaning, deeper and more lasting learning.

3. Clear Community Norms Build Strong Communities Social skills as well as academic success happens faster in a supportive school community that teaches clear, positive and action-oriented expectations.

4. Scaffolded Learning Academic social or any other type of learning takes time. Social and academic skills must be practiced. Using phased in, incremental learning with the right amount of practice, moves students progressively toward stronger understanding and, ultimately, greater independence in the learning process.

5. Different Ages – Different Stages Students have different academic and social needs at various times of their lives. Understanding and working with these needs is as important as the information that students need to learn.

6. Students Have to Be in It, To Win It Learning is not passive. Students learn best when they active and involved in creating their own understanding and meaning.

7. Adults Are Part of The Team Trust between students and adults and adults and adults is needed for positive academic and social growth. Students learn better when adults demonstrate to students s that they are working as a team on behalf of the students.

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These are our sustaining values. They are the guiding principles that form the basis of our work. Research-based and based on our experience, all our work flows from this well of knowledge. 

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