Read what people are saying about Stand Up to Bullying Seminars

What a great seminar!

What a great seminar! Your use of humor made the day fly by. Middle School Vice Principal - CA

Practical Solutions

You provided concrete and specific guidelines for practical solutions when faced with a bullying situation . Yeshiva Executive Director - NY

The staff LOVED it

I just wanted to thank you for your presentation – the staff LOVED it and thought it was a great addition to our program. Camp owner - MA

The best workshop I've been to in years

The best workshop I've been to in years. Full of real-life detail and practical information that I will take back and use right away. A. S. - Mechanicsburg, PA

Fast & Funny

I loved the pace of this workshop – fast & funny. I also loved the role-plays and how they made all of the information come to life. K. G. - Jackson, MS

I learned so much today!

I learned so much today! Your examples really hit home – I felt like you had visited my school and saw our students in action. I’ll definitely be using your suggestions. L.B. - El Paso, TX

You made it easy to pay attention

I never laughed so much at a workshop. You made it easy to pay attention and absorb the information. T. V. - Worcester, MA

I could easily relate to your stories

You’ve obviously had experience in the classroom. I could easily relate to your stories and examples and know I will be better able to diffuse conflict in my own classroom. Thank you! J. L. - Sioux Falls, SD

Personable, funny, and knowledgeable!

Personable, funny, and knowledgeable! The information was right on target. The staff LOVED it. G. N. - Mt. Laurel, NJ

Thank you again for your presentation

The staff LOVED it and thought it was a great addition to our program. I will definitely be calling you about having you come next year. Middle School Principal - AL

Thank you for respecting my time.

This workshop was realistic. I like that your approach is research based and practical in a situation like mine. I appreciated the question/answer session. You were knowledgeable and quick on your feet. P.E. Teacher - WY

So much information packed into so little time!

Great use of our professional development time and dollars. Call me so we can schedule now for next year. Assistant Superintendent - OH

Thanks for all the tips.

Boy, I could have used these techniques last year! I am looking forward to reading your book so I never have a year like that again. Fifth Grade teacher - NM

Michael, marvelous job!

Your engaging style and useful information made this one of our more entertaining and valuable professional development trainings. You really understood our needs. Bullying Prevention Committee - KS

I was very impressed with your presentation.

Our 7th Grade girls were really getting out of control. These girls could have stared in the movie, “Mean Girls.” My Teachers were frustrated and I had a line of parents out my door. You were a calming presence. Our staff is working as a team again. Thanks again. Headmaster - DE

People are still talking about the presentation.

…once again thank you for coming and sharing with us your expertise and especially your sensitivity towards our families and children. Superintendent - CT

Excellent workshop!!

Really one of the best staff development opportunities I’ve had in almost 40 years as an educator. Very practical!! Assistant Superintendent - AR
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